...And a stirring of my soul

I love to travel, to capture places, people and authentic moments. I am attracted to light and shade, magical woodlands with swathes of moss and lichen, untamed seas, mountains reflected in lakes, scented wildflower meadows, tidal estuaries teeming with birdlife, crystal clear streams and waterfalls, traditional village scenes and faded seaside glamour. I am drawn to tumble down buildings where nature is reclaiming, the way the golden hour sun casts a glow across a face, the wonder of children discovering a Fly Agaric fungi, the flicker and allure of the flames from a campfire and the unbridled joy of a dog running into a river. My happiness is truly found in peace (perhaps also a hammock) and the images here are moments from my life where I find tranquility alone and with beautiful humans.

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