Intuitive Photography.


Fact 1

I am a nature dweller and have a beautiful allotment plot. I just love spending time up there, pottering and relaxing.. It is my happy place and a constant visual inspiration.


Fact 2

I have a 27 year old son Charlie and a 9 year old French Bulldog named Bronson. Frustratingly, both really despise having their picture taken!


Fact 3

I love foraging and living seasonally. I particularly adore finding Fungi and if we're on a shoot in woodland you may also receive a half baked lesson in mycology.


Fact 4

I've had a variety of careers over the years, including being a DJ and event planner, a foster carer, learning mentor and a body piercer. I have always been drawn to creative pursuits and helping people.

My editing style is warm and natural, with a hint of nostalgia.